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NetBSD kernel booting on lm32


I am very happy to announce that the NetBSD/lm32 project is making good progress :)

So far NetBSD kernel boots up to searching for Root Device on Qemu :

Yesterday I tried for the first time to boot it on real hardware, Milkymist One board ( ) featuring the Mikymist-legacy SoC with MMU enabled LM32 softcore, after a bit of rework of the uart driver it booted up to irq being enabled :

Next steps (don't hesitate if you think you can help) :

- Use non-cached mappings for memory mapped registers instead of flushing caches
- Find out why no irq handlers are registered when running on real HW
- Find out how I can generate a root fs from just an ELF file (which would be a statically linked shell binary called "init") - Find out how I can embed the previously generated root fs in the kernel (ramdisk) and boot on it
- Port some libc ... and then it's endless I guess for userspace
- Add some device drivers (ethernet, audio, framebuffer)

At some point I will add a port to the new Milkymist SoC called "MiSoC" which is almost no different in software point of view, except memory mapping for SoC registers.

There are still some bugs in my experiments with ASIDs in the TLBs which need to be sorted out, if someone wants to investigate :)


Yann Sionneau

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