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Re: [M-Labs devel] NetBSD kernel booting on lm32

On Mar 21,  7:05pm, (Yann Sionneau) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: [M-Labs devel] NetBSD kernel booting on lm32

| > Do you see the printf:
| >
| >                 printf("sysctl_createv: sysctl_locate(%s) returned %d\n",
| >                     nnode.sysctl_name, error);
| >
| Yes that's exactly the printf I am seeing, I am using diagnostic and
| debuglock options if that matters. I have seen such messages a bit while
| googling, for instance in the boot of NetBSD/avr32 which have been posted
| to the list.

This is really strange. I would add some more printfs to see what's causing
it. This printf would appear in all kernels... Perhaps something is
uninitialized and ends up 0 usually?


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