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Re: Request for review and import: libxls, libxlsxwriter, sc-im

Hi Benny,

On Tue, 11 Dec 2018 14:39:15 +0100 Benny Siegert <>
> The patch to Makefile is wrong, in that it never uses -ldl. I think
> you should include "../../mk/" and use the values

Now I have:

   DL_AUTO_VARS=   yes
   .include "../../mk/"

But no -ldl in LDFLAGS, LDLIBS or even DL_LIBS (!) on Debian where it's
needed. Tracing back, the flag is first generated here:
  92  #
  93  # No need to add this to BUILDLINK_LIBS.dl since most GNU configure
  94  # scripts already check for -ldl themselves.
  95  #
  96  BUILDLINK_LDADD.dl+=    -ldl

I don't understand the comment. Don't we want DL_LIBS assigned
regardless of whatever a configure script finds out? Indeed, it's
BUILDLINK_LIBS.dl that's used:
  51  DL_LIBS=        ${BUILDLINK_LIBS.dl}

But BUILDLINK_LIBS.dl was never assigned to so DL_LIBS remains empty and
my build is broken.

Shouldn't be assigning BUILDLINK_LIBS instead? I
tested it and that does indeed cause DL_LIBS to have the flag.


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