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Re: Request for review and import: libxls, libxlsxwriter, sc-im

Op ma dec 10 2018, om 18:42 schreef Sijmen J. Mulder:
> Can someone review and import (if OK) the following three packages?
> wip/libxls - Extract cell data from legacy Microsoft Excel files
> wip/libxlsxwriter - C library for creating Microsoft Excel files
> wip/sc-im - Curses-based spreadsheet program based on sc

I've updated sc-im to address concerns and fix portability issues:

 - Fixed installed data file permissions (upstreamed)
 - Use

The Debian build issue was caused by out of date pkgsrc.

The Void Linux build issue still exists. It appears that the lua51 and
ncursesw buildlinks interfere.  (The program specifically requires
ncurses, with emulation doesn't compile.) This is
above my pay grade. Workaround is -lua.


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