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Re: Go 1.10 does not build on NetBSD 6

On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 6:57 PM Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> > Note that the commit message points to the official guidance that Go
> > 1.10 only supports NetBSD 8 and above. The reason for that is the
> > large number of kernel bugs exposed by Go that have only ever been
> > fixed in current and -8.
> So trying to make it work on 6 is probably not a good idea.
> go 1.10 seems to work on -7 too.

Yes, it does. The caveat is there are some bugs lurking. It is
definitely good enough for running pkglint, syncthing and the like,
but I would not run a high-traffic network service on it.

> I wonder if it would enable syncthing too.

It probably would.

That said, we discussed this today at pkgsrcCon and came up with a
plan, basically to treat Go like Python or Ruby. That is,

1. Add go19.
2. Move go to go110, move PREFIX/go to prefix/go${GOVERSSUFFIX}. Go
1.11 will be in lang/go111.
3. Set something like GO_VERSION_DEFAULT to the appropriate version.

However, we won't do the whole dance where every Go package has n
versions for n Go versions. It is probably not needed.

How does that sound?


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