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Re: Go 1.10 does not build on NetBSD 6

On Tue, Jul 3, 2018 at 6:31 PM Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> My impression is that modern go has not built on netbsd-6 for a long
> time, and this is not really news.  That's really too bad, because in my
> view it puts go into the not-really-portable-just-almost bin, but with
> the imminent release of -8 pkgsrc is about to officially not really care
> about 6.
> Already -6 is very troubled in builds because of how many programs
> require C++11 or even C++14, although that is probably mostly fixable.
> Do you know what the real underlying issue is, and how hard it is to
> fix?  "Bad system call" makes it look like something that was really
> built for a later version is being run somehow.

The culprit is
by Christos. This switches  from compat_60__lwp_park (syscall 434) to
__lwp_park60 (syscall 478). NetBSD 6 does not have this syscall. The
change was made to allow use of a monotonic clock.

Note that the commit message points to the official guidance that Go
1.10 only supports NetBSD 8 and above. The reason for that is the
large number of kernel bugs exposed by Go that have only ever been
fixed in current and -8.

Though if it helps, I could add lang/go19, which does run on NetBSD 6,
and add a knob for mk.conf that allows building Go packages with it.
It would at least be enough for things like pkglint.


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