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Re: Go 1.10 does not build on NetBSD 6

Benny Siegert <> writes:

> As seen here:
> How much do we care?
> As far as I remember, the minimum NetBSD version that upstream
> considers supported (-ish) is 7.1, with all development and testing
> done on current or the 8 branch.
> I imagine (but I have not tested) that many Go packages in the tree
> will fail to build with Go 1.4. One option would be to introduce
> lang/go18 (or whatever the last version working on NetBSD was) and add
> a switch to use that by default. However, pulling that up into the
> stable branch would be icky.

My impression is that modern go has not built on netbsd-6 for a long
time, and this is not really news.  That's really too bad, because in my
view it puts go into the not-really-portable-just-almost bin, but with
the imminent release of -8 pkgsrc is about to officially not really care
about 6.

Already -6 is very troubled in builds because of how many programs
require C++11 or even C++14, although that is probably mostly fixable.

Do you know what the real underlying issue is, and how hard it is to
fix?  "Bad system call" makes it look like something that was really
built for a later version is being run somehow.

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