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Re: Go 1.10 does not build on NetBSD 6

Benny Siegert <> writes:

> The culprit is
> by Christos. This switches  from compat_60__lwp_park (syscall 434) to
> __lwp_park60 (syscall 478). NetBSD 6 does not have this syscall. The
> change was made to allow use of a monotonic clock.

I see; it's unfortunate not to have the usual configure test and cope.

> Note that the commit message points to the official guidance that Go
> 1.10 only supports NetBSD 8 and above. The reason for that is the
> large number of kernel bugs exposed by Go that have only ever been
> fixed in current and -8.

So trying to make it work on 6 is probably not a good idea.

go 1.10 seems to work on -7 too.

> Though if it helps, I could add lang/go19, which does run on NetBSD 6,
> and add a knob for mk.conf that allows building Go packages with it.
> It would at least be enough for things like pkglint.

I wonder if it would enable syncthing too.

It wasn't your idea to write pkglint in go, but having a pkgsrc tool in
go to me means a greater degree of effort is warranted to have the
language available in more places.  (Conversely, non-availability is a
good reason to not use the language for tools that are expected to be
portable. :-)

So, having a go19 package seems like a good thing.   Rather than asking
the user to change something -- which means bulk builds still won't
work -- I think the go mk file should automatically include 1.9 instead
on systems for which it's known that 1.9 works and 1.10 doesn't.

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