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Re: Selecting a C++ compiler

Jason Bacon <> writes:

> On 11/26/17 09:34, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> Jason Bacon <> writes:
>> The other point is that with a fixed 4.8, rather than our current logic,
>> firefox will fail (I think).   In your bulk builds with 4.8, did 4.9 get
>> built and used?  Did firefox build?  Or did something else fail and
>> prevent it, so you didn't see this effect  Or ??
> Packages built by pbulk using 48:
> FreeBSD login.peregrine bacon
> ~/www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2017Q3/RHEL6/All 403: ls firefox*
> firefox-l10n-55.0.3.tgz     firefox36-3.6.28nb30.tgz

But was firefox really built with 48?  Our current logic seems to
require 49 for firefox, build that, and then use it for firefox, and the
plan of record is to stop using mixed compiler versions for C++.

>> I view the choice of default compiler for any paticular platform as a
>> minor issue that will get changed in the future as programs in pkgsrc
>> both demand new compiler features and are updated to work with newer
>> compilers.  If we say pick 4.8 now and 6 months later decide to change
>> to gcc6, I think that's perfectly fine.   I'm only trying to figure out
>> defaults for right now.
> I have a similar view.  I plan to test gcc48, gcc5 and gcc6 with my
> bulk builds each quarter and use whichever yields the best results,
> where "best" is defined as I believe best serves scientific
> computing.  I won't bother with 49, as it offers very little beyond 48
> and can be safely added as a dependency for the few packages that
> won't build with 48.  As I've mentioned before, RHEL/CentOS 7 uses 4.8

The plan is that we are going to stop doing that, to favor soundness
over minor convenience.  If you think that's a mistake, please speak up.

On my netbsd-7 system, with 1420 installed packages, all are built with 
4.8 except for firefox and nodejs, which used 4.9.

I can certainly see that losing those is not important for your users,
compared to other things.

> as a base compiler, so at least in some installations, pkgsrc won't
> need to install another compiler.

That's the same situation as NetBSD 7.  I've proposed using 5 there,
because of firefox (and nodejs, which I didn't realize).

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