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Re: Selecting a C++ compiler

On 11/25/17 19:38, Greg Troxel wrote:
I have written up some notes about this discussion.  I probably got some
things wrong, and there are some points marked as too be resolved.

The big things to think about and discuss are:

   What do we do on NetBSD 7 (which has gcc 4.8).  My proposal is to use
   gcc 6 for C++, and the base version for C.

   Is it ok to set gcc-inplace-math and try to drive dependencies for
   gcc* to near zero?  If that's ok, let's do it.  Probably anything
   older than gcc48 isn't of interest and we don't need to mark those for
   bootstrap.  I think gcc48 is the oldest even slightly reasonable
   choice for a bootstrap version.

   The branch is coming, but remember that things are more or less broken
   on NetBSD 6 because of this issue.  I think Edgar has pending patches
   that more or less do that is described.

So please feel free to fix/explain what I got wrong, or send mail about
it, to me if it's a nit, or to the list if substantive.

Disabling gcc-inplace-math did not reduce dependencies much on my CentOS systems.  Is it different on NetBSD?

For 2017Q3, GCC 4.8 seemed to work best on CentOS, but GCC 5 is close.  There still appears to be a lot of work to do toward GCC 6 compatibility across the whole collection.  Below are counts for successful pbulk builds.

www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2017Q3/Darwin15/All    14162
14162    353904
www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2017Q3/Darwin16/All    14012
14012    350024
www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2017Q3/NetBSD-7.1/All    17986
17986    450288
www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2017Q3/RHEL6-gcc6/All    15849
15849    399983
www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2017Q3/RHEL6/All    16459
16459    414444
www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2017Q3/RHEL7-gcc5/All    16338
16338    411103
www/pkgsrc/packages/sharedapps/pkg-2017Q3/RHEL7/All    16413
16413    413010

Maybe this should be dealt with separately, but has any thought been given to compatibility between gfortran and clang on platforms such as Darwin and FreeBSD?  FreeBSD ports has ways to deal with it, although they are a little messy.  Here's an example of a FreeBSD port that mixes boost compiled with clang++ and blas/lapack compiled with gfortran:

The logic for dealing with compiler and library issues is here, much of it in Uses/

I'm inclined to save this for another day, but it might have some bearing on the choice of a default GCC compiler if we're planning ahead for that day.  I.e. which of gcc48, gcc5, or gcc6 is most compatible with the base clang on a given platform?  Or maybe punt on this and focus on integrating flang for those platforms when that's feasible?

Earth is a beta site.

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