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Re: Selecting a C++ compiler

I have written up some notes about this discussion.  I probably got some
things wrong, and there are some points marked as too be resolved.

The big things to think about and discuss are:

  What do we do on NetBSD 7 (which has gcc 4.8).  My proposal is to use
  gcc 6 for C++, and the base version for C.

  Is it ok to set gcc-inplace-math and try to drive dependencies for
  gcc* to near zero?  If that's ok, let's do it.  Probably anything
  older than gcc48 isn't of interest and we don't need to mark those for
  bootstrap.  I think gcc48 is the oldest even slightly reasonable
  choice for a bootstrap version.

  The branch is coming, but remember that things are more or less broken
  on NetBSD 6 because of this issue.  I think Edgar has pending patches
  that more or less do that is described.

So please feel free to fix/explain what I got wrong, or send mail about
it, to me if it's a nit, or to the list if substantive.

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