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Re: pkgsrc frozen as of now

Ignatios Souvatzis <> writes:

> Here's my quick patch; make test-ed in an unaffected (i386 netbsd-6.1)
> as well as an affected (shark 5.1.3_PATCH) environemnt. Any comments
> ere I commit?

That looks ok to me, with a few comments:

  There really should be a comment that explains why the --disable- is
  added, probably with a link to upstream documentation, plus an
  English explanation of which systems the code is trying to match.

  It's not clear if PKGREVISION should be increased; if the package
  built before then it seems yes, and if the build would have failed
  there is no need.

  It seems that erlang is not a leaf, but it probably has not a ton of
  depending packages.  And this is correctness, not a new version, so
  it's ok anyway.

So please feel free to commit this (but please do add comments).

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