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    Date:        Tue, 4 Jun 2013 17:01:14 -0400
    From:        Amitai Schlair <>

  | Perhaps there are environment variables that a user really wants to pass
  | through. If it turns out that real people have real problems with
  | this, we can easily make it configurable. In either case, we finally
  | have the right default.

I ocasionally need to do

        FETCH_USING=wget make fetch

because the standard ftp command doesn't (on my NetBSD 5) handle https:
URLs.   I really don't want to need to modify mk.conf (and then unmodify
it again) every time in order to make this kind of thing work.

I suspect there are other uses (temporarily building with COPTS or
similar set) that also need to pass environment vars through - and we
all know that there are some (just a few, but they exist, or uused to)
packages that insist on having DISPLAY set in order to properly build
(I think they're broken but that's a different issue).

If the env is to be cleaned of "random" settings, there probably needs to
be a list of env vars that are allowed to be passed through, and that should
be made to work (they can be set by the env -i command, or they could
be put in a script that is sourced immediately after it is performed).


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