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Re: [GSoC] Project Idea: full cross compilation support for pkgsrc

> A further step would be enhancing the bulk build methods to allow both
> cross and native, distributing jobs in a way that is sensitive to
> which packages are cross buildable.

I believe this part has been already done. As I said in the past I
adapted distbb for cross-compilation. Unless I break something since
then distbb should just work.

I think the point where we disagreed was what to do first.  As a person
who has a tool that already works I was more interested in lower level
API provided by pkgsrc for cross-compilation. That is, a number of
variables (their names and documentation) for host/target
buildtime/runtime dependencies. You, on the other hand, tried to improve
the whole pkgsrc infrastructure in one step (how to treat BUILD_DEPENDS,
TEST_DEPENDS etc.). I believe if we separate these two tasks we'll have
a chance. I still think we MUST develop and document those four
variables first.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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