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Re: suggestion: Host fly-off between pkgin and nih and subsequent official integration

 >> Yes, this is somewhat apples vs oranges.  pkgin is a wrapper around
 >> the pkg_* tools, and uses information in the pkg_summary file
 >> generated by bulk builds to provide an interface for
 >> installing/upgrading packages from an URL.

> So if both pkgin and nim are only wrappers for the pkg_* tools, does
> that mean they suffer from the same integrity issues that I see with
> "make replace" and "pkg-rolling_replace"?

No. Let's assume you installed png-1.4 and a bunch of packages that
depend on it. Let's also assume the binary repository was rebuild with
newer png-1.5 (all packages that depend on png were rebuilt!) which is
NOT backward compatible with png-1.4. This kind of things may happen if
you switch from 2012Q4 to 2013Q1, for example.

In this example, if you try to update png package with the following command

   nih update png

nih will automatically update ALL png's dependent packages based on
REQUIRES/PROVIDES information provided by pkg_summary(5). So, there are
no issues of this type in "nih".

If you install png via pkg_add (it ignores REQUIRES/PROVIDES), you'll
have a problem which can easily be identified with a help of

   nih verify -l

Revdumps is a method for bulk builds utilities, not for package managers.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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