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Re: [GSoC] Project Idea: full cross compilation support for pkgsrc

A number of us have been talking about doing this but I suspect all of
us are very low on spare time.  So actually doing it (and solving the
hard problems that crop up that aren't understood yet) would be an
entirely reasonable summer project.  I think your assessment of the work
is reasonable; I'd say that if you got cross-bootstrap working and all
the infrastructure and only supported packages that are already cross
friendly (autoconf and cmake?)  that would be a fair project.  Of
course, with spare time more packages could be enhanced.

Also relevant is creating a setup for distcc so that one can distribute
calls to the cross compiler, either to have more builders that are also
cross (e.g. amd64 buildhost, evbppc target, amd64 builers) or for a
native build with cross distcc (evbppc buildhost and target, amd64
builders).  Using a native host and cross distcc will still be slow, but
faster than 100% native and it should allow packages that aren't cross
buildable to build.  A further step would be enhancing the bulk build
methods to allow both cross and native, distributing jobs in a way that
is sensitive to which packages are cross buildable.

Also, you are to be commended for writing a GSOC message with references
to previous discussions that show that you have spent the hour or two
looking into this before asking for advice.  (Particularly on some
non-NetBSD lists I've seen postings asking about projects by people who
clearly have no idea what's involved and haven't tried to find out.)

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