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Re: suggestion: Host fly-off between pkgin and nih and subsequent official integration

> yes, but that was sort of the point of this thread.  If one of these
> was just "forced" on everyone rather than optionally installed, pkgsrc
> would be at its best.  Obviously SmartOS is doing exactly this.

Minix does this too. The default install comes with pkgin. It works
well. There's no problem using it to update itself nor pkg_install. I
don't believe we chose pkgin over nih for any other reason than pkgin
required less porting.

> 1) the chroot and pbulk building is incredibly cumbersome to set up
> the documentation seems to be outdated on top

Minix has two scripts which strive to automate this so that we can get
consistent/repeatable builds against a current and clean base system.[1] handles bootstrapping /usr/pbulk, building the binary
bootstrap kit, and doing the bulk build.[2] sets up a
chroot and runs inside it. You can build all of the Minix
packages in a chroot from scratch with one command "sh
-A". Note, the script is a bit Minix specific as it has to
work around the fact that Minix doesn't provide compilers in the base
system (we use gcc44 and clang from pkgsrc).



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