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Re: Any issue with upgrading lang/tcl to 8.5.12 ?

Moritz Wilhelmy <> writes:

> Can we add tcl-license to pkgsrc/licenses in the process?
> There are several tcl related packages using the same license.
> It has a rather peculiar government clause, which is why it's special,
> but is otherwise mostly identical to some BSDish license.

We could add it, but it wouldn't then be in DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE.

The license terms seem odd to me, and I find them confusing.  It is not
uncommon for people to not understand how open-source code fits with
defense acquisition regulations.

The whole notion of Restricted Rights only applies to "non-commercial
software" when one delivers software under a government contract and has
preexisting copyright not developed at government expense.  But if the
government uses open-source code, it's "commercial software", and the
restricted/government-purpose/unlimited notion does not apply.

So I think it's reasonable to leave it marked as 2-clause BSD, since
it's clear that anyone (including the US government) can use it under
that license.

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