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Re: Any issue with upgrading lang/tcl to 8.5.12 ?

On 8/17/2012 01:19, Moritz Wilhelmy wrote:
Can we add tcl-license to pkgsrc/licenses in the process?
There are several tcl related packages using the same license.
It has a rather peculiar government clause, which is why it's special,
but is otherwise mostly identical to some BSDish license.

I had already added "2-clause-bsd" license to the draft packages for 8.5. That's essentially what it is but if somebody wants to add tcl-license to the list, that's fine with me.

I'm not sure whether we should completely replace Tcl 8.4 by 8.5, but
having 8.5 in pkgsrc would probably be generally useful, I guess. Maybe
it's possible to make the two packages install in parallel, similar to
the python packages?

I don't think that's the way forward. I can't built tcl-expect with 8.5. I can patch tcl-expect a bit but it later fails with a missing library reference. mbone/vic also failed to build because it could not find libtcl.a (which is strange because tcl84 doesn't install it either, it installs libtcl84.a). mbone/rat installs and seems to work. It's probably better just to fix or upgrade any packages broken by tcl. I think later versions of tcl-expect would work fine, for example.

I'll post links to the tcl/tk 8.5.12 in a minute.

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