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Re: Any issue with upgrading lang/tcl to 8.5.12 ?

On 8/15/2012 14:04, Greg Troxel wrote:

Stephen Borrill<>  writes:

On Wed, 15 Aug 2012, John Marino wrote:
I've been requested to update a package that requires a minimum
version of TCL as 8.5.0.  This is not entirely unreasonable given
that 8.5.0 was released in December, 2007, nearly 6 years ago.

pkgsrc is still on the 8.4 series of lang/tcl.
Is there any reason we can't or shouldn't upgrade?
I'm asking before I attempt it in case there's some background info
I don't know.

You must  ensure that packages that use tcl/tk still work. For
instance, the mbone tools: vic, vat, rat, wbd

I'm conflicted about this.  If vic/vat/etc. aren't sufficiently alive to
have new versions that work with 8.5, then it's not really reasonable to
hold up a tcl update, or to make the person who wants to update tcl
create 84 packages and move mbone tools to them.

On the other end, these are historic tools that I remember using ~20
years ago, and it feels against the BSD tradition to toss them

So have a ceremony and then toss them. :)
Seriously, some (if not all) these mbone tools don't even build on DragonFly so I'd need to test them on NetBSD VM in any case.

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