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Re: Mesa status ?

Hi iMil,

iMil wrote:
Hi François,
I've recently started to update many X11 packages; my goal here is to
be able to someday run a KMS based xf86-video-intel driver and use
Xorg on recent hardware.

wow, that would indeed be great; have you seen this: ?

Yes, that's the other face of the coin. We need both KMS (or special patches to drivers/drm to avoid it) and an updated xorg stack. Since I'm running DragonFly and not NetBSD this particular set of changes won't help me much but there has been some ongoing work since 2010 to add KMS support to our kernel :)

On the other hand, the 7.8.2 version in wip/ works perfectly with what
we have in pkgsrc right now.

Well, to be pefectly honest, the only reason why I'm investigating is
because I'd really like to have the famous r600_dri working, 7.8.2 have
those so that's OK for me, but I was wondering what effort would it take
to push it to 7.11.2.

Probably not much by itself; the main issue I encountered was newer versions of Mesa couldn't run with current versions of its dependencies as packaged in pkgsrc.
I didn't bother with 7.11.2 and tried directly to 8.0.2.

The wip package sources are visible here:
I didn't bother adding them to pkgsrc-wip yet, I wanted to get most of the other X11 packages updated first. I also need to add O_CLOEXEC support to the kernel to make them build properly on DragonFly.

The most pressing needs are x11/xproto (see PR #45465) and
modular-xorg-server (a newer version is available in wip/)

Is it needed by Mesa 7.8 or only 8.0 ?

It's not directly related but the last version of the intel driver needs a more recent version of modular-xorg-server, which itself depends on x11/xproto.

Any pkgsrc committer willing to update graphics/Mesa* ?

Francois Tigeot

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