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Re: Mesa status ?

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Hi François,

I've recently started to update many X11 packages; my goal here is to be able to someday run a KMS based xf86-video-intel driver and use Xorg on recent hardware.

wow, that would indeed be great; have you seen this: ?

On the other hand, the 7.8.2 version in wip/ works perfectly with what we have in pkgsrc right now.

Well, to be pefectly honest, the only reason why I'm investigating is because I'd really like to have the famous r600_dri working, 7.8.2 have those so that's OK for me, but I was wondering what effort would it take to push it to 7.11.2.

I'd like to see 7.8.2 moved to pkgsrc and 7.4.4 removed; we could then work on putting 8.0.2 and newer versions in pkgsrc-wip and updating the rest of the x11 packages.

100% agree on that.

The most pressing needs are x11/xproto (see PR #45465) and modular-xorg-server (a newer version is available in wip/)

Is it needed by Mesa 7.8 or only 8.0 ?

I don't understand the need to create sub-packages either; having one big MesaLib one similar to upstream would prevent unnecessary work IMHO.


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