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Re: Mesa status ?


iMil wrote:

While setting up various NetBSD workstations I realized that Mesa status
is a bit... confusing.
I have some questions before putting my hands on those: not being really
familiar with the whole Mesa/dri/drm/Xorg infrastructure, is there a
strong reason other than lack of manpower why the most "recent" version we
provide is 7.8.2?
wip/Mesa is split up in many sub-packages, is this something we want? Is
anybody still working on this? Last update was 2 years ago.

Any insight about this whole 3D world would be very much appreciated.

I've recently started to update many X11 packages; my goal here is to be able to someday run a KMS based xf86-video-intel driver and use Xorg on recent hardware. In the course of this action I've done some work to update Mesa to 8.0.2 locally; it can't be used as-is with the current modular-xorg stack and I believe the NetBSD ones as well.

On the other hand, the 7.8.2 version in wip/ works perfectly with what we have in pkgsrc right now.

I'd like to see 7.8.2 moved to pkgsrc and 7.4.4 removed; we could then work on putting 8.0.2 and newer versions in pkgsrc-wip and updating the rest of the x11 packages. The most pressing needs are x11/xproto (see PR #45465) and modular-xorg-server (a newer version is available in wip/)

I don't understand the need to create sub-packages either; having one big MesaLib one similar to upstream would prevent unnecessary work IMHO.

Francois Tigeot

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