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Re: make modular X11 the default on NetBSD

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 01:38:07PM -0400, Julio Merino wrote:
 > >> evas only applies to certain branches for example. I don't buy this
 > >> argument. At least for current, a rebuild without any changes takes much
 > >> less than a day.
 > >
 > > It depends on which hardware. On the hardware used for TNF official
 > > binaries packages, it takes more than a day (especially when the 4
 > > supported arch/release combination do it at the same time).
 > Is that with incremental builds?  Or do we always rebuild everything
 > from scratch?  Because if we do the latter, maybe it's time to rethink
 > this...

pbulk is always incremental unless you explicitly go and delete the
packages from the previous build.

I've long thought it should avoid rebuilding failed packages until
something changes (like it avoids rebuilding succeeded packages until
something changes) but apparently this is not entirely trivial to

We(TM) also really need to do something to make the scan phase faster,
or at least to make it possible to cache the results.

As I've said before/elsewhere I have some ideas about how to get make
to go faster but it's not trivial.

However, Joerg says a substantial fraction of the scan time goes to
running checks for builtin packages. I've been thinking recently about
a way to improve that.

David A. Holland

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