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Re: make modular X11 the default on NetBSD

My main problem is lack of pkgsrc X11 packages available officially. 
Another problem is that the sets are only released a few times in past 
few years and the xserver.tgz doesn't give you any clue what versions it 

So I will adjust my proposal to have a second package builder that
builds all the Xorg-using packages using X11_TYPE=modular (and no
xsrc installed to make sure). Then we can host all three:

1) packages no X (shared)
2) packages using native X
3) packages using pkgsrc X

I wonder if either of the bulk builders have intelligence of not 
building packages that use X.

Package download tools will need to be smart to know to look in both 
places or use symlinks on the download site.

By the way, at one time I patched pkgsrc to add some metadata to any 
package built using X11 to identify it is an X11 component. I don't 
think I ever committed it. It can be useful since I don't think we 
currently record dependencies beyond REQUIRES.

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