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devhelp files

Hi folks,

gtk-doc no longer generates devhelp files, although it still does generate devhelp2 files. I tripped up over this when building gtkspell, which uses gtk-doc to regenerate its documentation during the build phase, despite shipping with documentation in the source tarball.

The fix is pretty simple - to remove the devhelp file from the PLIST. I could do that for gtkspell, but I'm wondering how many other packages will be falling over with the same problem.

I could just grep for devhelp in all PLIST files, but I don't want to assume that all packages with devhelp files are actually generating them at build time using gtk-doc.

I count 167 packages with the text "devhelp" in their PLIST files.

Has anybody got a recent bulk build from pkgsrc-current which could identify which packages are *actually* failing as a result of this? I couldn't find a suitable one on pkgsrc-bulk.

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