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Re: pkg_install in base system again

On Sun, Nov 06, 2011 at 03:35:53PM +0300, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
> Some time ago Joerg proposed to remove pkg_install from base system and
> switch to using pkg_install from pkgsrc just like all other systems do.
> I agree with him and don't want to reproduce his arguments but I would
> like to raise this question once again.
> AFAIR the only argument against removal was that NetBSD is a number one
> system for pkgsrc and it is impractical to bootstrap pkgsrc for end
> users.  I've just imported othersrc/usr/sbin/pkg_setup script that I
> think solves this problem. The script downloads pkg_install package from
> the NetBSD binary repository, installs it and initializes pkgdb.
> Without arguments pkg_setup downloads the package from

We wanted pkg_install in the base system for NetBSD for system packages,
but more than 10 years on, I'm not sure we should be waiting any more
for them.

As far as pkg_setup goes, though, I'm not a fan.  The idea of
downloading a binary package that I install on my system is not really
my idea of fun/how it should be done/scalable/nice/unsurprising/neat -
can't we just exec the version in our pkg trees, please.

And if we're doing that, we want to take a long hard look at how
pkgsrc is bootstrapped on every platform. Something much more
similar to the tools build in src might make a lot more sense.

The "src" characters in "pkgsrc" are significant :-)


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