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Re: pkg_install in base system again

On Mar 29, 10:11am, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
} Some time ago Joerg proposed to remove pkg_install from base system and
} switch to using pkg_install from pkgsrc just like all other systems do.
} I agree with him and don't want to reproduce his arguments but I would
} like to raise this question once again.
} AFAIR the only argument against removal was that NetBSD is a number one
} system for pkgsrc and it is impractical to bootstrap pkgsrc for end

     Could you imagine an Ubuntu user having to jump through hoops to
get yum and apt (or whatever they use)?  Wouldn't happen!  Similarly,
pkgsrc IS NetBSD's packaging system and as such it MUST be a first
class citizen on a NetBSD system.  Making a NetBSD user jump through
ANY kind of hoop in order to use NetBSD's packaging system is a
non-starter.  The fact that pkgsrc can be used on other systems is not
relevant to this.

}-- End of excerpt from Aleksey Cheusov

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