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Re: pkg_install in base system again

Alistair Crooks <> writes:

> On Sun, Nov 06, 2011 at 03:35:53PM +0300, Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
>> Some time ago Joerg proposed to remove pkg_install from base system and
>> switch to using pkg_install from pkgsrc just like all other systems do.
>> I agree with him and don't want to reproduce his arguments but I would
>> like to raise this question once again.
>> AFAIR the only argument against removal was that NetBSD is a number one
>> system for pkgsrc and it is impractical to bootstrap pkgsrc for end
>> users.  I've just imported othersrc/usr/sbin/pkg_setup script that I
>> think solves this problem. The script downloads pkg_install package from
>> the NetBSD binary repository, installs it and initializes pkgdb.
>> Without arguments pkg_setup downloads the package from
> We wanted pkg_install in the base system for NetBSD for system packages,
> but more than 10 years on, I'm not sure we should be waiting any more
> for them.
> As far as pkg_setup goes, though, I'm not a fan.  The idea of
> downloading a binary package that I install on my system is not really
> my idea of fun/how it should be done/scalable/nice/unsurprising/neat -
> can't we just exec the version in our pkg trees, please.
> And if we're doing that, we want to take a long hard look at how
> pkgsrc is bootstrapped on every platform. Something much more
> similar to the tools build in src might make a lot more sense.

Bootstrapping kit has been cross-built during GSoC, if you mean NetBSD.
I think that this opens a lot of opportunity on how to handle it.


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