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Re: OpenIndiana/SunOS binary pkgsrc repository

Hi Marion

> Nice work on the repository, the pkgadd-format pkgin and bootstrap
> bundle is really handy.

You are welcome, and thanks for your feedback.
> One problem with the bundle is that after installing it, "pkgin update"
> claims the local database is already up to date against the repository.
> Subsequent "pkgin avail" and "pkgin install ..." claim that there are
> no available packages.
> I found that removing /opt/ipp/pkg/var/db/pkgin/pkgin.db, and then doing
> another "pkgin update", fixed this problem.
I'll look into that, when I got some time, just became dad for the second time two days ago.
> One other issue:  I installed the exmh package (pkgin install exsmh),
> all of which went in place just fine.  In fact, it was pretty neat that
> something in there initially complained that /usr/lib/ was
> not present, so I knew to install that dependency from the OI repository.
> However, the nmh binaries that got installed were evidently compiled
> without knowing where their is:
> $ ldd /opt/ipp/pkg/bin/comp
> =>         (file not found)
> =>        /lib/
> =>   /lib/
> =>     /lib/
> =>    /lib/
> =>    /lib/
> =>     /lib/
> $
> I'm not sure if the builders expected this to be in /opt/ipp/pkg/lib/,
> or if instead the dependency is on something from the OI repository
> (/usr/gnu/lib/, perhaps?).  In either case, it's a dependency that
> is not encoded in the pkgsrc system.
Try installing all the oi host dependencies listed in the wiki on our project site

> As you might guess from the above, all this is being done on a freshly
> installed OI148 system.  Let me know what I can do to help diagnose further.
Any help is great help, from testing, report bugs, make patches etc.

Mads Worsøe Duun

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