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Re: OpenIndiana/SunOS binary pkgsrc repository said:
> One problem with the bundle is that after installing it, "pkgin update"
> claims the local database is already up to date against the repository.
> Subsequent "pkgin avail" and "pkgin install ..." claim that there are
> no available packages.
> I found that removing /opt/ipp/pkg/var/db/pkgin/pkgin.db, and then doing
> another "pkgin update", fixed this problem.

On a 2nd "fresh OI148 install" machine, I did not have the above problem,
the bundle worked perfectly on the first "pkgin update".  So I guess maybe
you shouldn't lose too much sleep if you cannot reproduce the problem.
Unless you're awake already for some other reason.... said:
> I'll look into that, when I got some time, just became dad for the second
> time two days ago.

Well, congratulations.  I hear they know what causes that now (:-).

> Try installing all the oi host dependencies listed in the wiki on our project
> site 

Hmm, but I'm not doing bulk builds on this particular machine, rather I'm
just installing binary packages.  I wonder which of these prerequisites
are run-time dependencies, and which are only needed at compile-time.
I'll work on figuring that out for myself.  It's probably good for me to
learn how to tell pkgsrc about those dependencies anyway.



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