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Re: OpenIndiana/SunOS binary pkgsrc repository said:
> As promised, OI folks have given access to a public repository. My last
> build gave more than 6000 packages as shown here:
> The repository is here:
> For now, it is still necessary to bootstrap pkgsrc in order to use the
> repository, for example by using `ipp'. We will soon provide a `pkgadd'
> bootstrap package with pkgin included. 

Nice work on the repository, the pkgadd-format pkgin and bootstrap
bundle is really handy.

One problem with the bundle is that after installing it, "pkgin update"
claims the local database is already up to date against the repository.
Subsequent "pkgin avail" and "pkgin install ..." claim that there are
no available packages.

I found that removing /opt/ipp/pkg/var/db/pkgin/pkgin.db, and then doing
another "pkgin update", fixed this problem.

One other issue:  I installed the exmh package (pkgin install exsmh),
all of which went in place just fine.  In fact, it was pretty neat that
something in there initially complained that /usr/lib/ was
not present, so I knew to install that dependency from the OI repository.

However, the nmh binaries that got installed were evidently compiled
without knowing where their is:

$ ldd /opt/ipp/pkg/bin/comp      =>         (file not found) =>        /lib/ =>   /lib/ =>     /lib/ =>    /lib/ =>    /lib/ =>     /lib/

I'm not sure if the builders expected this to be in /opt/ipp/pkg/lib/,
or if instead the dependency is on something from the OI repository
(/usr/gnu/lib/, perhaps?).  In either case, it's a dependency that
is not encoded in the pkgsrc system.

As you might guess from the above, all this is being done on a freshly
installed OI148 system.  Let me know what I can do to help diagnose further.



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