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Re: - Re: pkg/44425: devel/lua-alt-getopt install problem

At 23:30 Uhr +0100 20.01.2011, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
>> may I ask you to look at the above patch before venting, and tell me where,
>> in your view, it goes wrong?
>It doesn't fix any of the other side effects.

Like what? Care to elaborate?

> Haev you considered
>looking through first for why you hit this in first place?

Again, what are you referring to?

>> Arguably, <> has no business configuring install target related
>> variables (here: INSTPRIV) when you (or pkgsrc) set NEED_OWN_INSTALL_TARGET
>> in order to signal you'll take care of installation yourself.
>NEED_OWN_INSTALL_TARGET is a red hering.

# NEED_OWN_INSTALL_TARGET is set to "no" by pkgsrc/mk/ to
# ensure that things defined by <> (default targets,
# INSTALL_FILE, etc.) are not conflicting with

which should naturally cover any variables which influence install(8).

What is lacking here, your idiomatic expressions, or your reading skills?

But... suit yourself. I can easily maintain a one-line patch locally, and
if anybody else should run into the issue, there's always the list archive.


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