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Re: Initial MirBSD support for pkgsrc

On Sat, Jan 15, 2011 at 10:34:14PM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Benny Siegert dixit:
> >devel/bmake/files/unit-tests/modts: Using echo in the test is not
> >     portable, as it may interpret backslash escapes, depending on
> >     the shell. If mksh is used as the shell, it replaces \x by a
> >     null byte. Replace echo by printf for the tests in this file to
> >     avoid this.
> Note that echo is the least portable, anyway, so this ought to go
> in definitively, independent on your stance on this mksh???s expansion
> (there are ways to prevent it, but not selected here).
> >The libfetch patch fixes two compiler warnings (-Wformat), which would 
> >otherwise make the build fail because -Werror is in effect:
> On MirBSD, -Wformat is on to catch exactly this kind of errors, since
> we pioneered a 64-bit time_t on an ILP32 platform years before NetBSD??.
> >net/libfetch/files/ftp.c: On some operating systems (notably MirBSD), the
> >     tm_year member in struct tm is a long, not an int. The package
> This is wrong, it???s actually a time_t because some applications, most
> notably GNU CVS??? configure script (via gnulib), depend on being able
> to have a lossless round-trip conversion of any value of time_t to
> struct tm and back.
> >     tools already have support for this, libfetch does not. Here, use
> >     a temporary variable to read in the year so the length is known.
> This patch is correct, for int values of tm_year.
> >net/libfetch/files/http.c: Same issue as above; cast tm_year to a long
> >     before printing it.
> -           tm.tm_year + 1900, tm.tm_hour, tm.tm_min, tm.tm_sec);
> +           (long)tm.tm_year + 1900, tm.tm_hour, tm.tm_min, tm.tm_sec);
> I think (long)(tm.tm_year + 1900) would be better. Or casting to int,
> which can be changed to int64_t if pkgsrc?? is still around by then.
> Casting to long involves quite some overhead on current LP64 platforms.

Can someone provide a definitive set of patches for MirBSD then, please?

Many thanks,

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