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RE: "doc" option

> I think it makes sense to have some option to be able to avoid a
> package needlessly depending on huge toolsets, for some values of
> needlessly and huge.  Typically it's TeX and docbook-xml that are
> large; I don't object to those in theory, but on a minimal system
> dragging them in is unreasonable.
> I'm unclear on the benefit of removing man pages and other things
> that are small and don't cause tool bloat, but I can understand that
> some people want that.

This is what I am hoping for.  A way to turn off just the "painful" 
documentation.  I realize that's rather subjective, though.  If upstream 
provides pre-formatted man pages ready to install, I have no objections to 
these.  It's dragging in large auxiliary packages (e.g. TeX, doxygen) just to 
build the doco-that very well may not be used anyway-that I dislike.

> Aleksej: could you give a few examples of what you want to do and
> why?
> And perhaps an example diff to one package?  I think the key
> question is whether what you want is wanted by others, and cost of
> the change to those who don't want this.

Yes, please.

Tim Larson
App Admin, Intercall Production Services

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