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Re: Adobe Reader

    Date:        Tue, 2 Feb 2010 00:54:16 +0900
    From:        SODA Noriyuki <>
    Message-ID:  <19302.63784.192905.569252%gargle.gargle.HOWL@localhost>

  | I don't think there is any actual user whose benefit is greater than
  | her/his risk.

My point was that this is not your responsibility - other users get to
decide for themselves, using their own judgment, not yours.

You can warn them of the dangers, and of course, you don't have to do
anything to assist people do something that you think is wrong, or ill
advised, but you don't get to make other people's decisions for them.

  | Because users of your machine might use acroread despite of your
  | suggestion

What users?   My laptop, has me, and that's it.   If I don't use it,
no-one uses it.   Now what was that danger?

  | Showing too old version of acroread is not benefit at all, but
  | just shame.

It just shows that it exists, and that NetBSD has the same stuff available
as other systems.


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