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Re: [Joerg Sonnenberger] CVS commit: pkgsrc/mk

Jens Rehsack <> writes:

> I've committed an "update" to pkg_rr which has following new options:
> -D <bool>: invokes make with USE_DESTDIR=bool, Default: NO, turn off,
> set bool=OFF
> -j <jobs>: invokes make with MAKE_JOBS=jobs

I don't follow this.  Are you saying that if neither option is given
then the behavior is unchanged, but one can give either to override what
is in mk.conf?

> And I've fixed an issue, which causes pkg_rr loops forever on the same
> package when there's no origin for the current package to replace. No
> that causes a failure.

That seems ok, but I had been thinking about just skipping packages
whose source dir no longer exists.  It seems typically those are
automatic dependencies that can be removed after everything else gets
removed (foo-dirs).

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