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Re: [Joerg Sonnenberger] CVS commit: pkgsrc/mk

On 02/01/10 12:18, Greg Troxel wrote:

Jens Rehsack<>  writes:

I've committed an "update" to pkg_rr which has following new options:
-D<bool>: invokes make with USE_DESTDIR=bool, Default: NO, turn off,
set bool=OFF
-j<jobs>: invokes make with MAKE_JOBS=jobs

I don't follow this.

 Are you saying that if neither option is given
then the behavior is unchanged, but one can give either to override what
is in mk.conf?

It depends. If none option is given, the behaviour of MAKE_JOBS is unchanged. If none option is given, USE_DESTDIR=NO is used. If '-D OFF' is used, the behaviour of USE_DESTDIR is unchanged.

And I've fixed an issue, which causes pkg_rr loops forever on the same
package when there's no origin for the current package to replace. No
that causes a failure.

That seems ok, but I had been thinking about just skipping packages
whose source dir no longer exists.  It seems typically those are
automatic dependencies that can be removed after everything else gets
removed (foo-dirs).

In 0.18 it loops in the last package until someone kills the job. Simply skipping would be fine for me, too - but I rate it as an error, because usually packages are removed with a reason. So it's better to fail early (this is always a good idea from my point of view).


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