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Re: [Joerg Sonnenberger] CVS commit: pkgsrc/mk

On 01/30/10 16:22, Tobias Nygren wrote:
On Fri, 29 Jan 2010 13:30:44 -0500
Greg Troxel<>  wrote:

I missed the discussion on this change and would have objected.

Has anyone tested 'make replace' as invoked by pkg_rolling-replace for
the USE_DESTDIR case, including setting of unsafe_depends?  There's
enough of a user community of pkg_rr that it seems unreasoable to enable
this by default even for PKG_DEVELOPER until that's ok.

I would also like to request that this change be reverted until make
replace works correctly for the case when the version to be replaced is
the same as the version currently installed.

Currently it fails silently which is very bad for pkg_rr.

I've committed an "update" to pkg_rr which has following new options:
-D <bool>: invokes make with USE_DESTDIR=bool, Default: NO, turn off, set bool=OFF
-j <jobs>: invokes make with MAKE_JOBS=jobs

And I've fixed an issue, which causes pkg_rr loops forever on the same package when there's no origin for the current package to replace. No that causes a failure.

This change could be reverted, of course - but I thought it might help to calm down this discussion.


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