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packages conflict with themselves / pkgin conflict with same version

libglade-2.6.3 (to be installed) conflicts with installed package 
proceed ? [y/N] 

Some packages are broken this way:

/var/db/pkg/libglade-2.6.3/+CONTENTS:@pkgcfl libglade-[0-9]*

libglade/Makefile has:
CONFLICTS+=             libglade-[0-9]*

It conflicts with itself!

So maybe pkgsrc packages should not conflict with themselves.

To see on my own system:

grep -i pkgcfl /var/db/pkg/*/+CONTENTS | sed -e 's,/var/db/pkg/,,' -e \
's,/+CONTENTS:.pkgcfl , ,' | sort -u | while read package pattern ; do \
pkg_admin  pmatch "${pattern}" ${package} && echo $package ; done

As a workaround, maybe pkgin could ignore conflicts of own package. But 
I think not, as I can use it to catch this problem later.

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