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Re: new platform

On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 03:52:08PM -0500, Larson, Timothy E. wrote:
 > I've gotten bmake to compile during bootstrap, but two of the unit tests
 > fail.  The first is export-all, which has the errors "COMPILE.c=gcc -O
 > -D_POSIX_SOURCE -I/opt/include -I../../libnbcompat -c: is not an
 > identifier", and "Assertion failed: depth_sigsetmask < 2, file
 > /usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bmake/sigcompat.c, line 241".  (The _POSIX_SOURCE
 > definition and include path are expected.)  The second is dotwait, which
 > seems not to run at all - no output.

As I recall these, or at least the second one, are known issues that
affect other platforms (e.g. Solaris) as well, and there's a hack in
place to disable those tests for those platforms. I forget the details
but you should be able to solve the immediate problem by switching
that logic on.

It would be nice to figure out what's going on and fix bmake, though.

David A. Holland

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