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Re: package maintainers vs owners


David Brownlee wrote:

>       Some package maintainers would like anyone else who wants to
>       change the package to check with them first, while others are
>       happy to have anyong update the package, but are available as
>       a "in case you have questions" facility.
>       I'd like to suggest we add a new pkgsrc value "OWNER" for
>       the first, and leave MAINTAINER for the second.
>       pkglint would be updated to ensure a package had one or the
>       other set.
>       see previous discussion results at:
>       So far I've had two positive responses to this suggestion.
> -- 
>               David/absolute       -- No hype required --

Why not just:

# Package owner:

# Please contact me with any non-trivial changes before commit!


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