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Re: repeated network-related panics/lock-ups on 8.1


On 2019/09/30 17:10, Edgar Fuß wrote:
Thanks for looking into this.

So, I am trying to install Icinga 2. Is net/icinga-base of pkgsrc appropriate?
No, thats's Icinga (1). I imported Icinga 2 into pkgsrc myself (and posted
and/or PRd it, but no-one picked it up, so it's still private).

Oh, I see. I try to install from source(

     - detail kernel version
8.1_STABLE, custom config.

       - source time stamp if you build from source
Jul 5.

It is a little old, however it seems there is no related pullup-8 requests
after Jul 5. So, updating latest source may not fix, hmm.

     - kernel config if you customize it
I can send this privately if needed.

Could you send me it? Of course, after removing secret information.

     - NIC type
vlan on top of wm.

I see. I used only wm(4). I will use vlan(4) to try reproduction.

     - ddb ps
       - screenshot or photo if possible...
For the panic or for the lock-ups?

Both of them if possible.

     - the config of icinga as long as you can show
I don't think that would be useful to reproduce the problem as you couldn't
actually run that configuration without a network (and all the clients)
configured close to mine. It also contains lots of private information
I would need to redact.

I see. Hmm, could you tell me which protocols you use to monitor?
E.g. ICMPv6, IPv6 UDP and IPv4 TCP.

I was planning to, in a lock-up situation, single-step with ddb to get an
impression of what's going on.

The "show locks" ddb command may help when the kernel locks up, however
it requires LOCKDEBUG kernel option which make the system quit slow.


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