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Re: repeated network-related panics/lock-ups on 8.1

Thanks for looking into this.

> So, I am trying to install Icinga 2. Is net/icinga-base of pkgsrc appropriate?
No, thats's Icinga (1). I imported Icinga 2 into pkgsrc myself (and posted 
and/or PRd it, but no-one picked it up, so it's still private).

>     - detail kernel version
8.1_STABLE, custom config.

>       - source time stamp if you build from source
Jul 5.

>     - kernel config if you customize it
I can send this privately if needed.

>     - NIC type
vlan on top of wm.

>     - ddb ps
>       - screenshot or photo if possible...
For the panic or for the lock-ups?

>     - the config of icinga as long as you can show
I don't think that would be useful to reproduce the problem as you couldn't 
actually run that configuration without a network (and all the clients) 
configured close to mine. It also contains lots of private information 
I would need to redact.

I was planning to, in a lock-up situation, single-step with ddb to get an 
impression of what's going on.

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