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Re: IPv6 Stable Private Addresses RFC 7217

Joerg Sonnenberger <> writes:

> On Wed, Jun 04, 2014 at 04:54:50PM -0400, Ted Lemon wrote:
>> On Jun 4, 2014, at 4:52 PM, Joerg Sonnenberger 
>> <> wrote:
>> > Replacement or addition? I'm not sure I like removing the normal MAC
>> > derived autoconfig address, but I am certainly fine with having a
>> > separate (non-link local) address. This would be more in line with the
>> > behavior of the privacy extension implementetd in many systems.
>> It's intended by the IETF to be a replacement.   The address is meant
>> to be stable, so you don't need some other stable address for receiving
>> connections, the way you would with temporary addresses.
> In that case, enabling it by default would certainly violate POLA.

It might, but the automatic MAC-derived addresses can be viewed as a bug
(that seems to be how the privacy extensions people view them), and
turning them off can be viewed as a bug fix.  I think the key question
is whether current IETF standards-track documents say that the RFC7217
addresses SHOULD be the default.

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