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Re: IPv6 Stable Private Addresses RFC 7217

On 04/06/2014 15:13, Ted Lemon wrote:
This is related to the renumbering problem: you have a host that you
want to be reachable using a particular domain name, but numbering on
your network is not guaranteed to be stable: you are subject to
renumbering from your ISP, or when switching ISPs.   You'd like the
host's AAAA record to change when it's renumbered. Right now there's
no way to do this.

Addressing this problem by providing a mechanism for updating the DNS
automatically when DAD fails or when you get renumbered would be a

DNS updated could be done via a dhcpcd hook script (similar to dhclient-script but extended for other things) However, there isn't a standard means of updating DNS from a host that I'm aware of otherwise I'd supply one with dhcpcd.


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