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Re: IPv6 Stable Private Addresses RFC 7217

On 04/06/2014 11:51, Ted Lemon wrote:
On Jun 4, 2014, at 5:36 AM, Roy Marples <> wrote:
My question is this: should this be enabled by default as privacy is a good thing, or should the normal hardware based address be kept?

What do stable privacy addresses have to do with DHCP?   Otherwise,
yes, this should be the default behavior.   Nice to see such quick
action on a new RFC!

Glad you asked! This has nothing todo with DHCP.

Yes, dhcpcd started out life as a DHCP client, but it's evolved into a network management daemon over time. I see DHCP(4/6), IPv4LL and IPv6 SLAAC as part of automatic network configuration.


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