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Re: ndp

On Tue, 19 Feb 2013 09:23:44 -0300, Fernando Gont wrote:

> That is actually a problem: it can be exploited for DoS purposes. --
> even a remote address scanning attack might cause that as a side effect.
> Cheers,

I have accidentally participated in an apparent DoS like this, when a 
diagnostic 'is IPv6 working' account I hosted leaked to the wrong /32 and 
an ISP somewhere in South America started to get saturated by a walk 
across their announced space.

I believe there are commercial implementations of switch logic which do 
some kind of ageing out of the ND cache to set limits on growth. Maybe a 
Ptree for this stuff in NetBSD needs a timer, and a background process to 
mark/sweep idle entries.


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