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Driver for Marvell sdio sd8686 chipset


Four devices that I have owned use the Marvell SDIO sd8686 chip to provide
802.11n networking.

Viliv S7
Viliv N5
HTC Shift
mbook m1

  Here's the output from the kernel when I attempt to enable the wireless

"Marvell, 802.11 SDIO ID: 0B, " (manufacturer 0x2df, product 0x9103) at
sdmmc0 function 1 not configured
"Marvell, 802.11 SDIO ID: 0B, " (manufacturer 0x2df, product 0x9103,
standard function interface code 0x7) at sdmmc0 function 1 not configured

Is there any chance of getting a NetBSD driver for this chip? I'm willing
to offer an HTC Shift X9500 as bounty for someone willing and able to
write the driver.

Three things to note about the Shift. Everything works fine, except the
SIM slot for the 3g functionality is broken. I tried to get a mini SIM in
to the SIM socket so I could unlock the Windows Mobile part of the device.
Someone with a little bit of engineering skill could probably fix that.

Second, there's a sticky residue on the screen from where a screen
protector was. It's hardly noticeable when the unit is on, but is
noticeable when the unit is off.

Third, this is the Italian unit. The keyboard layout is different and the
text on the Windows Mobile side is in Italian. Windows Vista is in
English, though.

I'll throw in free shipping (up to $60) and a urtwn adapter. Please let me
know if you are interested.


Jason M.

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