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Re: ndp

the netbsd router is connected to a nexus 7k. I am using a port-channel with diffent vlans. the ipv6 routing point for the vlans is the netbsd box.

The MAC address table on each nexus line card supports 128,000 MAC addresses. Our nexus currently knows over 10.000 MAC Adresses.

If I now increase the number of vlan (and routing points) at the ipv6 router, the ndp table will increase over 4k over 8k and maybe over 16k (because each node has a link-local and a global address, windows nodes and ipv6 address-privacy). So I need to know the korrekt size of the ndp table.


it should not be a problem and when there is a problem, it would be a bug.
the most big switches support up to 4K or 8K addresses, so you are with your 
MAC addresses in the middle of it. why would you have a switch that
supports 8000
MAC addresses in one network, when your operating system would not handle that.

that would be pitty, wouldn't it?

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